Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Unnatural Acts at Artisan

In Brisbane over the weekend I stopped in at Artisan to see some of the satellite exhibitions on now as part of the JMGA conference. In the window until 3 August is Unnatural Acts, an exhibition curated by Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young examining the relationship between natural and unnatural. 

image from exhibition media

Ten jewellers (including the curators) were sent a bag of unnatural plastic items - a selection of fruits and flowers - and asked to create a small collection of jewellery from the contents of the bag. 

The result is an exciting diversity of forms, ranging from the literal to the unrecognizable. If you can't get to Artisan to see Unnatural Acts, images from the exhibition's showing at Velvet Da Vinci in San Francisco can be seen on the Velvet Da Vinci website

There are two other jewellery exhibitions on now at Artisan: Regine Schwarzer's Mineral Manifestations explores the crystalline structures of rocks and minerals through combinations of crushed quartz and enamel, and Bench showcases the work of four emerging Brisbane jewellers working in a collective studio. 

Road Trip, on now at Gallery One of Artisan, is a thoughtful exhibition of colourful dresses made from textiles printed with the images of travel photographs, by Ann-Maree Reaney and Jill Kinear. The exhibition is divided into road trips in different parts of the world.The American road trip dresses utilise forms inspired by the 1950s, when the glamour of the road trip was at its height, and offer a Feminist take on the promise of freedom and adventure offered by the idea of the road trip in works such as Kerouac's On the Road

All the Artisan exhibitions run until 3 August. 

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